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How did we get here:

After finishing his first short film project, Minute founder Janvier Wete entered it into film festivals but was rebuffed at every turn. Which then left him with no option but to upload it onto the internet where it would at least see some light. It was here that he realised how many people were in a similar position and just how many amazing shorts were floating in the ether, unknown to the world. That’s when the idea of Minute was born, a platform built to showcase and celebrate this artform.


The world is a better place:

As people rapidly consume more and more content through their smartphones what better place to tap into the plethora of short film content. We’ve created an app that allows you to carry around a mini cinema in your pocket.


Inspiring and empowering people with new short content:

We’ve hand selected quality films from across the world to provide existing audiences with bitesized storytelling, which they can slot in anytime of the day or night between work or play.

With our simple to use mobile app, filmmakers can place their short films in the hands of those who appreciate them the most. The user can tailor the app to their availability, telling how much time they have to spare and the app will filter out entries that meet the time limit.

The user can tailor the app to their availability. Just tell it how much time you have to spare and we'll filter out entries that meet the time limit so you don't have to.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We are home to passionate minds and creative dreamers. Here are some of our team and a little on what they do.