All Under One Roof
Enjoying Great Short Films


Shortly after the launch of the app, we quickly warmed to the idea of building an authentic space for these films to be shown, discussed and enjoyed by our viewers. Minute hold monthly screenings called ‘Orange Thursday' where the filmmakers, producers, creators and all-around visionaries for each selected film can come down, showcase and speak in length about their projects.

Coming to a Minute event means discovering stories and perspectives that you may not have encountered before.


From our pockets to the big screen

Coming together to watch each others films is great fun and a good opportunity to be inspired. A huge source of joy for us (and a good reason to come) is also the potential for new projects to be sparked under our roof.

Our screenings shed well deserved light on the work of homegrown talent as well as from further afield so if you’re interested in showing your film please contact us here.



Find your crowd

Taking that leap into the film industry can be daunting and the thought of going to any sort of event on your own can be paralysing. But fear not, our events are incredibly inclusive and you’ll be surrounded by friendly guests and staff to hang with or have a chat. This is a great chance to hear from industry professionals so bring a notepad!


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