So you made the world’s greatest short film? Yes?

And you’re keeping it a secret? No?

You’re sending your film to us you say? Say no more.

To submit your film to the Minute team all you need to do is send a link or screener to your short film over to for consideration, and we will take care of the rest. Simple? Some might say, but the decision is met with introspection by a crew of film lovers and professionals.

We’re dedicated, responsive and have an unhealthy amount of passion for showing the most fascinating, funny and inventive short films out there. Don’t believe it? Download the app.

Minute provides selected and submitted films with a portable home, that you can watch from the comfort of anywhere really. And all you have to do is move your thumbs.

You must own the full rights to your film or have formal permission from the production company or entity that owns the rights to the film.

How do we profit from the film?
We don’t. What we gain is a contribution for a space that is already about expression and quality content. All from the artists of today and tomorrow that we admire greatly!